I joined Harjai Computers as a Software Engineer in September 2010 and was allocated to work with Tech Mahindra Pune. I have grown immensely both personally and professionally. Within just a month of joining, I got an opportunity to transition a Critical application from HCL to Tech Mahindra. I experienced an amazing blend of independence in working style and management support. Innovation and alternate thinking are appreciated and rewarded. At Tech Mahindra and Harjai Computers, hard work never goes unnoticed. The organization gives continuous opportunities for growth and learning through various platforms and programs for carving our career paths. We had learned the concept of continual improvement in college, Harjai Computers and Tech Mahindra is the place to experience it. It has been an enriching experience to be part of a growing and evolving organization that encourages its associates to rise.

T.V.Ramanujan Seshadri

I joined Harjai as Project Manager when dot com bubble had busted and IT majors were retrenching the work force. Harjai empowered me to overcome such difficult business scenario with ethical values. The experience I gained was the stepping stone of my IT career. Even when I changed organizations for better opportunities, Harjai stood behind me as and when there was need to achieve my goals. It always gave me sense of belonging and job security in my IT career. The quality processes deployed and practiced at Harjai powered me to work in top NSE/BSE IT listed companies having highest international quality certification levels. After working with India’s best BFSI product company as AVP, I am able to shift to e-commerc. E-commerce consulting work with India’s leading group. I sincerely thank Harjai for its lion’s share in my successful career. I wish all the very best to organization and its management in their future endeavors.

Ravindra Malvankar

I have worked with some of the good IT Consultant Services companies in Mumbai. But Harjai Computers Pvt Ltd is always one step ahead among those IT Consultant Services companies due to its excellent service,employee co-operation and fantastic clean transparency in work process. I have enjoyed a lot with Harjai during my employment period. It cannot be forgeted. Thanks a lot again!!!

Ashok Sahu

I have personally and professionally known Mr. Sanjay Harjai Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai since commencement of my software career in TCS Mumbai in the year 1997. It’s my pleasure and honour to very strongly recommend and rate Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai as one of the industry’s best consultancy firm in the capacity of placements, career counselling and guidance, software consultancy development. I have worked very closely with Mr. Harjai – founder and Managing Director of Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai for the past 14 years and his commitment, professionalism, ethics, discipline, client Management are simply the best and unparalleled in my opinion and experience. With a wide range of partnerships, influences and contacts around the globe in all the technologies with several Companies, Harjai Computers is very well placed to provide the best possible services to all its clients – individual or Corporate. I have found Mr. Harjai and his Company very trusty, hospitable and courteous in their dealings. I am proud to say that I had benefitted on several occasions in securing employment offers through Harjai Computers in the US and India, besides getting invaluable and honest advice/ guidance – unconditionally, whenever I approached. Last, but not the least, Harjai Computers Mr. Sanjay Harjai will always be my first point of contact, at all turns and corners of my IT career. I would always depend on Harjai Computers in providing me the much needed career breaks, growth, invaluable advise and current/upto date information about the industry. I wish Mr. Sanjay Harjai and Harjai Computers the very best in all future business endeavours.

Monojit Datta

I would like to thank Harjai Computers Pvt Ltd for giving me opportunity to work with them. This tenure of 2 years is a tremendous learning experience both at personal and professional level. I am thankful for all of your continuous support from time to time, without which this journey would not have been so great! It was a pleasure knowing you all. Personally I have shared special bonding with my friends here and I shall be taking with me the cherished memories of our times together. Currently I am VVT lead at TechM and getting tremendous learning experience. Got award for valuable player of team as well in Q4 2010. Thanks Nilesh and Nitin for being such a wonderful mentor for all the time..! I wish to have mentors like you in my future. I m filled with mixed feelings as I write this email. Happy as I m moving ahead towards my career.

Tauseef Ali